Hi, I’m Enne.

It’s pronounced like the letter, “N”.

A multi-media entrepreneur, maker and master marketer with a strategic mindset dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs from all backgrounds how to optimize their efforts.  My approach to teaching the A to Z of online marketing is grounded in a comprehensive and thorough approach so that my clients don’t just understand what to do, but why and when to do it.

I enjoy fast tracking pipelines, identifying (and often creating) opportunities to further monetize business assets, and enabling my clients and the teams I lead to identify and achieve their highest aspirations.  I revel in challenging future generations of entrepreneurs to step out the employee mindset so that they, too, can contribute to more meaningful, positive change in the world.

My work.

Breaking records. Pushing creative boundaries. Skyrocketing business growth. My unorthodox career path has afforded me exploration of extraordinarily innovative ideas & boundless opportunities to make a bigger difference.


Interested in learning more about how my skills or expertise can take your business to the next level?  Give me a shout.