mLAB Internet Marketing

In 2009, I stepped out of the formal world of advertising agencies and world-class media companies to step into the private sector. Upon witnessing incredible chaos and confusion around Internet marketing, I decided to create a scalable solution.

mLAB Internet Marketing is an online school that teaches full scale Internet marketing to entrepreneurs + small business owners.  My first program, The Internet Marketing Masterclass™, is my signature program teaching even the least technically savvy entrepreneurs how to create an online marketing and sales machine that works 24/7 on autopilot.

The program covers everything from branding + positioning, to technical SEO, website building, content strategy, social media marketing and everything in between.  It enables clients to get found online, generate highly targeted leads, and systematically convert them into profit-generating sales.  By enabling them to build an SEO optimized website, integrate a content marketing strategy and leverage powerful distribution channels, my clients are able to capture prospects at every stage of the marketing funnel and build highly visible, buzz-worthy brands attracting massive streams of new customers.  The best part is that it’s a recurring revenue business model that I, too, can place on autopilot so that I can focus on my other passions and joys in life.

  • Business Branding + Positioning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Building Websites
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO + Backlinks
  • Email Marketing + Automation
  • Analytics + Metrics
  • Publicity, Press + Distribution


broadvoice  |   |   phone power

As the CMO, I set the vision for and collaboratively built customer experience and growth strategy while providing supervision and leadership to 45 people in 3 different departments: customer service, technical support and sales.

My milestone achievements were to rebrand the company as a first-in-class digital telecom brand that could compete as an independent among giants like Vonage. Using my deep understanding of the consumer mindset, I set out to build great customer experiences and create a marketing and sales funnel that was capable of handling massive scalability.  I ushered a strategic alliance with big box store, BestBuy, and drove initiatives to buy out our #1 competitor,

We relished sustained page 1 search engine results rankings in Google for prime and secondary keywords in national and international search.  And through marketing opportunities I identified and incubated, the company extended it’s business enterprise by creating a sister site called Broadvoice, which served an entirely new market segment of B2B clients, in addition to their B2C customer base.  Under my leadership, the company saw a 338% spike in recurring revenues in less than 2 years.

the extra mile

In order to overhaul the company’s brand status to A-list levels, it was necessary to integrate all customer-facing departments into the overall marketing and brand umbrella.  In order to ensure brand standards were being met across all touch points, I developed two separate training programs to elevate our customer service and tech support departments to world-class levels.  The 3-month training program ensured each and every customer-facing team member was in full alignment with our brand filter.

But I needed enthusiastic buy-in from my staff.  I had to get team members, who were traditionally unaware of brand + positioning concepts, on board with sweeping changes that were coming. Because change is hard and sometimes scary, and fear is frequently bred through lack of understanding of context and lack of transparency, I set out to modify a few things.  First, I held several department-wide meetings to inform people of what was happening and why, and asked for input and contribution.  Next, I developed a transparent internal review framework that not only empowered each team member to have full control of their success within this new model, but also gave them the ability to shape their career trajectories for greater impact in their roles.  I provided them with external resources, short and long-term career planning and implemented an ongoing rewards and recognition program to boost morale, retention and performance.  It was a wild success.  The CEO and President of the company, as well as staff across the board, were thrilled with the results.  The changes were cultural and enabled us to better live and breathe our corporate values.

My early work, on a full SWOT analysis of the company, identified two additional opportunities to further the reach of our business products, enabled our customers to go mobile with the service, while the company explored opportunities for expansion into the B2B sector.  My first win here came when I spearheaded our first mobile app for iPhones and Androids which enabled us to break the barriers imposed by our previous hard wired phones.  The second win came after my departure but using the insights I provided, the company expanded it’s business arm to develop another branch, now called Broadvoice where it services enterprise-level clients across the nation.

digital strategist

OMD   |   TBWA\Chiat Day  |   Media Arts Lab   |  Apple

Throughout history, few brands have achieved the level of brand-loyalty & appreciation that Apple has. Heralded as one of the most innovative technology companies, Apple has been a tour-de-force in revolutionizing the way we live and interact with technology and media content.

With the integration of a new online advertising filter that aligned with the brand’s core values, I contributed to some of the most uniquely creative and interesting advertising on the web, driving performance results that were 3 – 4 times the industry average.  My experience included management of audience research and full-scale development of media plans.  I managed partner and vendor relationships, rate negotiations, metrics tracking and QA of all creative ensuring that display, rich media and dynamic content were flawless in execution and 100% line with Apple’s quality standards.

With record-breaking profit & revenue in Q4 of 2009 and Q1 of 2010 ($15.78M), the media placements and campaigns I worked on helped Apple reach an all-time high in sales numbers for Macs (3.36M units sold, up 33%) & iPhones (8.7M units sold, up 100%).

(Full report of Apple’s 1st Quarter Reports can be found here.)


the extra mile:  mal

As a fresh face on the strategy scene, I was in the perfect position to notice areas that could use improvement and simplification, particularly for new hires. Some of the issues pertained to a lack of clarity in understanding of how to use the tools properly, while others derived from an overly complicated process for doing daily, weekly and monthly work. In my spare time, set out to create a better manual for the digital team’s new hires.  What resulted was a 65-page, how-to guide ushering even the greenest of new hires, step by loving step, to the finish line so that we, as a team, could save countless hours of “hurry up and wait” time on each campaign. The process guide simplified and streamlined much of the necessary but repetitive work and enabled us more time to devote to insights and intelligence gathering.

post production manager / producer / writer / editor

Cimarron   |   Sony Pictures   |   NBC Universal   |  Goodby Silverstein   |   DirecTV  |   Kaleidoscope Films 

I straddled the manager / producer / writer / editor role with multiple clients.  At Cimarron, among more traditional editorial work, I worked on their international division’s TV and on-demand work, and created several featurettes and DVD extras for record-breaking blockbusters such at Twilight and The Day the Earth Stood still.

At Sony Pictures Entertainment, I was the senior creative producer overseeing the full scope of creative for the launch of their online television network, In addition to my role as producer, I was responsible for execution of 100% of the online promotional content, GFX & animation that would air across digital platforms. I hired and managed all 3rd party relationships, liaised with content partners, supervised copy writers and our freelance creative team.

At Goodby Silverstein + Partners, I had the opportunity to manage a post production department at one of the nation’s most creative ad agencies during a time of massive growth + recognition.  As the operations manger of post production I was responsible for the financial planning, projections, management, scheduling, creation of project bids, finalizing actuals and overseeing day to day operations.  The post department housed producers, 3 full-time video editors, 2 junior/assistant editors, audio engineers / sound designers, 3 master control room operators, an A/V production specialist who did all of our in-house video and A/V work, 2 production coordinators and was in charge of hiring and maintaining a current list of freelance talent and 3rd party vendors.  I was also in charge of all deliverables, trafficking and maintenance of our archival vault.

Our projects ranged from Superbowl ads, TV spots, interactive, new media and web content, branded content, campaign pitches, and award show content.  Our client roster included Adobe
, Anheuser-Busch
, Audubon of CA
, California Milk Processor Board (“Got Milk?” campaigns), Comcast
, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Discover Card
, Dorritos, Dreyers
, Frito-Lay, Haagen-Dazs
, Hewlett-Packard
, Hot Wheels
, Hyundai,
, Mattel
, Sprint and Tonka.

At NBC Universal, I was privileged to be on board during a time of massive growth and opportunity for the network.  I wrote, produced and edited many, many TV promos for primetime shows such as The Office, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Medium, My Name is Earl, Medical Investigation, The Apprentice, Deal or No Deal, Miss Universe, Miss USA, The Emmy’s and several other TV shows.

I also had a chance to launch several brand new shows including Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, America’s Got Talent, 1 vs. 100, Windfall and reality show, Treasure Hunters.  Before my departure, I had the unique experience of launching a new cable niche channel for the network called the Sleuth Network, which featured crime + mystery dramas around the clock.  In many cases, I was also responsible for the audio and sound design of each of my projects, and occasional online editing as well.

Because of my entrepreneurial mindset and desire to leave everything better than I find it, I often go above traditional job descriptions to assist my employers in non-traditional ways with business strategy, pitch ideas, networking opportunities, or simplifying / streamlining / optimizing procedures whenever possible.


the extra mile:  cimarron

In 2008, amidst Cimarron’s plummeting contracts, my prior employer, NBC Universal, earned the coveted role of providing sole coverage for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Although Cimarron had some communications with NBCU, they were not awarded contracts for this lucrative goldmine of upcoming creative work.  Using my personal connections, I offered to broker a guaranteed deal for Cimarron to handle 100% of the networks Olympics-related promotional needs.  Due to a desire not to “dilute” their filmic reputation with traditional television work, they decided not to take me up on my offer.  A couple years later, along with many of other great theatrical trailer houses, they went out of business.

the extra mile:  nbc universal

In 2006, I was a writer / producer / editor at NBC Universal.  With a passion for digital and emerging trends, I could see that viewers were tired of paying for bundled cable channels they didn’t watch, and yearning to break free of imposed showing schedules + timelines that didn’t coincide with their lives.  I was also keenly aware of my employer’s deep archives of films, TV shows and documentaries gathering dust inside inaccessible vaults where they weren’t being monetized.

Seeing this, I came up with a concept for a new product + business model for NBCU, one that would leverage their older assets and create new revenue streams. I conceptualized a device that would enable viewers to watch what they wanted, when they wanted and gave NBCU an open door to monetize the full scale of their content around every niche possible.  Simultaneously, it would optimize the industry’s traditional reputation for being unable to provide detailed analytics for advertisers.  In fact, it would give the television industry a chance to modernize it’s advertising model by enabling networks the ability to introduce dynamic ads, much like the Internet does today.  My product would do this while providing priceless proprietary insights about their viewers’ habits, tastes and behaviors that the network wasn’t privy to either.  I called it “NBCYou” to reflect the personal customization and brand building relationship that the product would provide.  It was a win-win model for viewers, the network, and their advertisers.  The framework would offer more meaningful, useful engagement with the brand and NBC Universal would have first comer advantage.

At this time, Netflix was still leaning on their monthly DVD subscription model.  Members were allotted an hour of streaming for each dollar spent.  So for a Netflix customer, a monthly membership costing $16.99 would allot them 17 hours of streaming time, per month.  It wasn’t until 2008 that Netflix would lift the streaming limits imposed on their viewers and sign a deal with the Starz network to grow their video catalog, and begin more deeply exploring the opportunities for a streaming service that have made them the disruptive, powerhouse brand that has positioned them for industry domination today.