I have 20 years’ experience crossing the divides between education, creative storytelling, digital / integrated / broadcast / theatrical marketing and advertising arenas, working with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet.  In the past, I was driven to create visually compelling work that pushed traditional and creative boundaries.  Today, I am impassioned about enabling entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs flex their imaginations and push themselves to challenge the status quo of what’s possible in the entrepreneurial world.

In the last handful of years, I’ve been working with smaller companies and business owners, helping them develop remarkable, cutting-edge solutions that generate greater income and impact, while also providing a more meaningful and fulfilling experience for me.

I’m “in my zone” where the lines between education, marketing, business strategy, storytelling and technology intersect. My success in cultivating some of the best, most inspiring talent and motivating them is based in the belief that peak performance, creative exploration, innovative ideas and a collaborative mindset can only flourish and thrive in an environment free from ego and fear, where leadership is performed through support from below.

pov + modus operandi

My foundation lies within a core set of beliefs that guide my process.  I am dedicated to understanding brands, their values, their business and the products / services they offer.  I also have a deep passion for understand consumers, their motivations and how they make decisions.

With these fundamental insights, I dive into creating extraordinary and often innovative solutions.  By telling engaging stories that push creative boundaries, and informing and entertaining audiences while providing a true and real value proposition, I endeavor to create exciting and memorable brand experiences.

consumer + behavior

I understand that people have never been more sophisticated and aware of their power as conscientious consumers than they are right now.  I believe that the most effective conversations are those that are contextually relevant.  So, understanding how and where people consume information (through media + behavioral research), how and where they digest media, and use technology are the keys that allow me to find contextually relevant moments to start engaging in dialogues in order to build relationships with consumers on their terms. Through market insights and my love for technology, I create bridges between challenging brands and their most ideal prospects to cultivate loyal brand enthusiasts.

most recent past

In 2011, I became a mom to a most amazing child.  The early years of her life have been transformative for me and an incredible opportunity for renewed self awareness and self development.  Preparing myself for her to have center stage in my life was quite a challenge and took some getting used to, especially because refocusing my attention away from work also meant stepping out of the riveting intellectual, cultural and social stimulation that working with A-list players and A-list brands bestows.  But having a family also allowed me the bandwidth to explore one of the most fascinating, cutting edge business opportunities.

During my pregnancy, I started to build a side business called mLAB Internet Marketing, an online school designed to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to leverage the powerful tools of the Internet to deepen their understanding of their markets, expand their business reach and impact, and also enable them to increase their profits in a recurring, regular way.

It’s been a most incredible journey (and one you can read more about here).  With the breadth of the program scope, scripts and marketing plan completed, I’m working with developers to tackle the technical aspects of the program.  With a launch slated for 2018, we are looking forward to making a real impact in thousands of hardworking people’s lives.  Entrepreneurs who, through their businesses, will have the power to create positive change in the world.

Our strategy for Phase II is to expand the program beyond first world countries where education is limited, particularly for women.  As part of our philanthropic vision, we will also be incorporating a scholarship program, as well as a “buy-one-give-one” opportunity for the program to be donated by our customers to single parents anywhere in the world that the Internet can reach.

With my work on this side business complete, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and dive back into the exciting world where education, storytelling, media and marketing intersect to flex my skills applying much of the information and knowledge I’ve gained in these last several years to help others generate meaningful impact.